Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

What is Patriotic Artwork?

The word ‘Patriotic Artwork’ refers to the historical records of various materials and others related to patriotism or nation’s history of struggles to achieve independence. A nation’s history of patriotic events keeps great importance to encourage the future generation to develop patriotic feels in them and teaches to work and struggle for the nation’s well being.

Enjoy Drawing? Have a Favorite Subject?

You may wonder why I ask but have you ever considered that there are millions of subjects for drawing and most people have their own favorites. We can be motivated to draw pictures related to our hobbies or interests. We might like drawing people or animals.

Selling Art Online

As an artist there are a number of ways to go about selling your work. Depending on your experience, reputation and personal preference, you could find that one way suits you more than the others, but there is definitely no easy answer to making strong sales and developing a market for your work.

Tutorial – How to Draw Hand Proportions

Recently I gave you several points on how to sketch hands. Looks like many of my students devoured these points and call now for more. Specially they asked me to go into the details of drafting hands. So let us look at it.

Whistler Paintings

James Abbott McNeill Whistler was an American artist who spent most of his life in Britain. Whistler was an interesting contrast of subtle tones and touches in his work with a personality which was far more polarised and aggressive. The importance of Whistler is seen in those who have been influenced by his works since the 19th century which includes the likes of Tonalists, American Impressionists, William Merritt Chase and John Singer Sargent. Whistler was also known for his key relationships with artists and writers of the time, including John Singer Sargent.

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