Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Interior Lighting Simulations in the 3D World

Many times you will actually be looking at or have a light source somewhere in frame. In such cases, you will need to create the proper material and light. you will also have to use the proper post process effect, such as flare or glow, to best simulate a light type.

Large Room Lighting in the 3D World

Because you will usually want to illuminate a larger room using Inverse Squared Decay, you may need to illuminate the room with more light sources than usual. The technique mentioned previously in which you actually use less lights (in favor of more Omni lights) will usually not work unless the light is cast in some sort of pattern that can be easily duplicated in a 2D image.

Lens Attachments in the 3D World

Lens attachments in real-life can add effects to the photographed imaged that would not normally be there. For instance, a photographer can add a soft-focus attachment to diffuse the light of a photographed image, thereby softening the lines of the image.

The History and Many Uses of Posters

Posters have come in many forms and sizes since the first time they were used in cities. Posters started out as handmade artwork that took great amounts of time and man hours to complete just one. Now, posters are mass produced and come in more forms than ever. You can get posters that are designed specifically for visual display, or you can get posters that convey a message specifically to you in some way.

Real World Cameras in the 3D World

If you look at any camera book, whether on shooting weddings or snapping off shots of nature, you will find certain common concepts and terms. This section explains what they are and tries to closely map this real-world terminology with features in your 3D Application cameras.

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