Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Bronze Sculpture and its History

Bronze is perfect for shedding art works; it pours into all narrow openings of the mold, therefore reproducing perfectly all details of the delicate modeled sculpture. It is soft underneath the tool of the graver and excellent for repousse work.

Applications and Purposes of Metal Casting

Casting of metal was an ancient method that consists of various purpose and applications. Evolution from the past until these present days have been utilizing metal workings as the process of creating religious, artistic and any other practical items. The method of metal casting includes melting of metals with the high temperature and by utilization of molds to shape metals into a new item.

Photo to Pop Art Brings Pop Art Into Your Home

Popular Art glorifies daily life and the everyday objects of popular culture and takes its themes from the iconic images of a materialistic and consumer oriented society. By using photo realism and mass-produced printmaking techniques, Pop Art blurred the lines between fine art and commercial art and made owning an original work of art easy and affordable.

Jamaican Art – Depiction of Rich Culture in Jamaica

The rich and lively culture of Jamaica is clearly depicted in its art. Tracing back from the times of the native Taino Indians, their art was mostly centered on their beliefs and rituals. Had you lived in these ages, you would have seen that some of their works give glory to the gods they call their own through wood carvings.

Looking to Mother Earth’s Materials For Inspiration

Artistic inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. If you are an artist you only need to look around you to the most simple of things to create real inspiration. It is every Artist’s Dream to have one’s Art continue into the future for centuries. It is now not only a dream as these stone carvings will be around for many years to come.

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