Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Mata Ortiz Pottery – An Amazing Story

Mata Ortiz pottery derives its name from village of the same name in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It’s a small remote community that sits at the base of Mount Indio, with a total population of a little more then 2000 of mostly indigenous people.

How to Draw the Perfect Horse in Three Simple Steps

So you love horses right? But you live in the suburbs and can’t own one. The next best thing is drawing a horse.

5 Tips to Drawing a Better Portrait

Learn how to create better portraits and drawings! Here are 5 guidelines that can turn any artwork around for the better, and maybe even help you get around to selling your art too.

If You Want to Learn to Draw Cars What’s Stopping You?

So you have real interest in learning to draw cars but you are not so sure you can do it. You would be amazed at how easy it really is. Many people feel they can’t do it and don’t even try and they miss out on the chance to learn how to do this.

A Short Review on Contemporary Art

Contemporary art has always been attracting the worldwide art lovers since many years and it have a significant place in the world of art. It doesn’t matter that the art work belongs to which region or country, but it attracts every eyeball. There is a tremendous growth in the Indian contemporary art and it has achieved the top position in the world contemporary art and it’s all because of the Indian artist’s innovative approach.

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