Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

The Development of Wood Carving Art

The art of wood carving is an art that forms a picture or motif on the wood object by forming cavity in the object. As the result, a picture or motif that is created is formed from the cavities. Then, this cavity is known as relief.

How to Draw Gir

Gir is an animated robotic character from Nickelodeon’s famous cartoon series Invader Zim. Gir is designed to assist Zim, but this impaired robot fails to follow his instructions and is often caught up in random activities. It is portrayed in a number of different situations.

Let Motivational Art Move You To Greater Efforts!

Let’s face it, we all get in the dumps. Even on a daily basis, there comes that time of day, say the mid-morning slump of about ten-thirty or so, when our breakfast is a long-ago memory and lunchtime break a mile away; our minds hunger for some kind, uplifting image. What better than artwork to convey that spirit of ‘can do’? Factory owners know the value of motivational art and the same goes for you, in your own private life, when all your efforts seem doomed to failure.

How to Draw a Fruit

Understandably, fruits are among the easiest subjects in still life drawing. Of course, the complexity levels vary within the genre, based upon the fruit chosen.

How to Draw a Tree

Our mother Earth is blessed with varied trees, be it every day deciduous trees, native to America or Gulmohars & Mango, native to India. Trees & leaves come in all sizes, textures, and shapes.

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