Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Buy Art Online With Confidence – How to Buy Paintings Online

Buy art and original paintings online while enjoying yourself. Avoid the usual headaches and complications of buying art and paintings directly from the artist.

Kit Rae Swords – Meet the Designer

Kit Rae is an “edged fantasy art” designer. In other words, he designs swords and other fantasy weapons and has a worldwide reputation for the design and quality of his work. Rae also specializes in other types of art relevant to the horror, science fiction, pinup, and fantasy genres.

Majolica Method – Stage 3

First sound each piece of bisque to make sure it is not broken. If it is a plate or tile, using your left hand, balance it at the top of your fingertips, for a jar or a lid put your fingers inside the neck against the circumference and then lift it up so it is not touching anything. With the knuckle of the first finger of your right hand, knock different parts.

Adding Your Artwork to the Red Bubble Art Website

First you will need to login to your RedBubble account and if your Internet browser asks if you want it to remember your account information including your password, I would do it unless you are on a public computer. Recently a large number of WordPress blogs were hacked on GoDaddy and other hosting company’s servers so I don’t have passwords that are easy to remember any more and I would recommend anyone do that after going through the frustration of being hacked.

African Sculptures

Long neglected and overlooked as a potential treasure trove of significant art works, African art and, in particular, African sculpture, exploded onto the international art scene in the 19th century when a group of colonialists discovered some of the most sophisticated bronze sculptures in the world, the Benin Bronzes. In fact, the earliest known sculptures were unearthed in the city of Nok in Nigeria’s south in 500BC and truth be told, it was the African artist’s ability to create objets d’art which engendered strong and emotional responses involving imagination and mysticism which prompted some of the leading artists of the time, including Picasso, Gauguin and Modigliani, to successfully embrace abstraction.

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