Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – The Bones and Muscles of Hands

Among the earliest people who studied human anatomy extensively, was the Italian genius, Leonardo da Vinci. He collaborated with Dr. Marcantonio della Torre to create almost 200 drawings of body parts. These works were supported by the careful dissections of almost 30 corpses.

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – The Muscles and Bones of the Head and Face

Among the leading anatomists of ancient Europe, Leonardo da Vinci remains most widely studied. However, he did not regard himself a master of the subject and kept his large collection of over 200 drawings & associated huge volumes of notes, under cover during his lifetime. Considering the limited advance of science in that era, he had to follow his industrious method of dissecting human corpses to aid his learning.

Six Qualities That Make an Oil Paint a Good Oil Paint – All Brands Are Not the Same

As with many lists of requirements, those elements that make something ‘good’ depend on the application and desired outcome. Since art and even the more specific oil painting are so personal and varied, the criteria I discuss to identify what makes a quality brand is personal to me and I expect the same applies to a reasonable percentage of oil painters. I will discuss six factors that I look for in a brand and finally I will reveal the brand I choose to spend my money on.

Lempicka Prints

Tamara Lempicka prints are an original and highly contemporary choice which suit many modern homes perfectly. This article covers the work of Lempicka and discusses why her prints and paintings have become so popular across the world.

Painting Reproductions – Affordable Way to Have Masterpieces in Your Living Room

Painting reproductions create illusions and people get confused whether they are looking at original paintings. Today, anyone can have any masterpiece in his or her house and if you are an art lover, you can easily buy your favorite piece of art without spending a fortune.

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