Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Mona Lisa Print

Mona Lisa prints make great additions to any home, and this article discusses the merits of Leonardo Da Vinci’s classic oil painting, Mona Lisa. Many enjoy this traditional work as both a giclee art print but also as tapestries, stretched canvases and framed paintings. Despite it’s old fashioned style from the renaissance and baroque periods it is still seen at the forefront of art, as is it’s artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso – The Master of 20th Century Art

Born on October 25, 1881 in the city of Malaga, Spain, Pablo Ruiz Picasso is considered one of the masters of the 20th century art. Picasso’s full name is Diego Jose Santiago Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispin Crispiniano de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz Blasco y Picasso Lopez. He was the son of José Ruiz y Blasco and Maria Picasso y Lopez.

Hot Wallpapers

Hot wallpapers can really create it an exciting day for you. In your personal and official life the place where you sit and do some work from morning to evening, the wallpaper placed in front of you can take control of your changing mood and keep you cool for the day ahead.

Watercolour Painting

The first most significant component of watercolour painting is the “water.” The second most significant part of watercolour painting is the “colours”.

Impressionist Gardens Exhibition – The 3 Reasons to Visit

The Impressionist Gardens Exhibition is devoted to the gardens painted by Impressionist artists of the past and is set to be a huge success. If you are an art lover or a garden enthusiast then this exhibition will excite you. There will be over 90 magnificent paintings by Impressionist painters all brought together in one exhibition. Monet’s Water Lilies are bound to be a huge attraction. Learn about the gardens of Impressionist painters, plants, seeds and flowers grown.

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