Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane 10/21/21

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane 10/21/21

Drawing Instruction – How to Sketch Hands

It’s critical ne’er to guess how a hand should look like. Also the best artists use the hand they are not using before them as a model when they are sketching hands. Likewise you should find a little mirror and employ it to see your hand from different perspectives or to turn your left hand into a right hand.

About Photocopying and Digital Printing

One of the leaders in the world in the field of printing is Canada, especially the state of Toronto. In spite of such a heavy and diverse customer base, it is amazing how Toronto can handle the task with such efficiency and aplomb.

Van Gogh’s Ear

If Gallup Media received a request to perform a poll in order to find out what do people know about Vincent van Gogh, what results would they get back? I guess, something like “he was Dutch, he drew flowers, he cut his ear off.” What the artist had had lost had eventually given him a worldwide fame, or rather notoriety. But how did it happen?

Vincent Van Gogh’s Press Release

At the end of 2009 in Amsterdam, a famous correspondence between the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and his brother Theo was published for the first time. These six books contain hundreds of letters along with illustrations to them. Authors of this resource have created a specialized dictionary of the Van Gogh time explaining names of geographical places and famous people of the time mentioned in the letters, art terms and Dutch words used in the correspondence.

Selling Art Online Made Easy – How to Get Your Art Sold

One of the issues facing any artists who sells art paintings online is that most websites that have any real we traffic for selling paintings charge for a listing. Also, there are often very restrictive terms on what you can do with the actual content page you have created on their site to help promote your work. Learn how to sell your art more effectively.

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