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Thursday Night Live | Melody Lane

What is it Like Being a Visual Artist For a Living?

I am sure that many people interested in painting and drawing as a hobby will picture the lifestyle of a professional artist through rose-tinted glasses. The point of this article is to provide balance, and highlight a few flip sides to the expected positives.

The Art of Movie Poster Illustration

A movie poster is the first thing that invites a person to take interest in a movie. It is the first step to making someone imagine what the movies is all about.

Why I Detest Fans of Modern Art

I have written a few articles about my dislike of modern art; however, I have come to realise that what I really loathe is the arrogance, evangelism, ignorance and intolerance of devotes of modernism. Now it would be very wrong of me to assume that all fans of modern art are the same, and I make no such claim. What I can say without scope for challenge or contradiction is; all fans of modern art I have personally interacted with have an identical rhetoric in support of their beliefs.

For the Love of Art – Painting

Ah, love. Where would we be without it? It ennobles the simplest lives and when you want to find a unique piece of art that embodies this sentiment, you will not go wrong with abstract art, because the sheer generosity of love can be best expressed in the wide expanses of shape and color that abstract love art does best.

Web Graphic Designing – Making It Easy and Fast

Web graphic designing is one of the many elements in making websites and making appealing ads online. In fact, you may need a web graphic designer to make your site more appealing and attractive to online readers. This way, you will help get the attention of online readers to your site.

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