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Thursday Night Live | Melody Lane

Art History, Appreciation and the Internet

Artists from all across the globe are now able to share their works without the rules that were in place two decades ago. The artist’s talent is no longer hindered by finding an agent, or a gallery to show their works because the entire internet is now a free and open gallery for anyone to display their works. While looking at a digital photo of a painting is in no way the same as actually having the painting in your home; the internet makes it easier to obtain great works from talented painters, sculptors and photographers.

Andy Warhol’s Famous Marilyn Monroe Painting – Meaning

The art of Andy Warhol was a commentary on the condition of society and their obsession with fame and the famous. This included Andy, as he was completely enchanted by the American royalty of movie stars and celebrities. He was fascinated by the power that television had over the everyday person and saw the glowing box as something that was worshiped more often than most people go to church.

Jovial Jibes, A Caricaturist’s Playground – Sue MaCartney-Snape

Australian raised artist Sue Macartney-Snape is gaining quite a healthy reputation in Britain (and around the world) for her tongue-in-cheek portrayals of the upper middle classes through her astute caricatures. Her talent for observing our every peculiar trait and gait is earning her a spot amongst the best known caricaturists of our time, bolstered by a regular slot for the Telegraph, and with her limited edition prints being guzzled down like vintage wine at a dinner party.

5 Expert Tips for Drawing Your Own Graffiti

Creating graffiti is a fun and worthwhile activity that everyone can do. It is an art of expressing oneself through creative writing or drawing on a wall or surface. For starters, it would be very frustrating to create your own personalized graffiti. This article will give you some tips on how to draw your own graffiti.

The Phenomenon of Art Nouveau in Europe

The Art Nouveau movement began in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century and peaked in the beginning of the twentieth. Art Nouveau means “new art”. The phrase first appeared in the 1880s to describe the work of artists influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement which also incorporated themes from Japanese art and Celtic designs.

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