Canvas Prints for the Workplace

Go into the average workplace and what do you find? Dull, bland walls. Have you ever considered that a splash of colour and energy to the office might be a great way of brightening up the atmosphere? If the images are fun and creative, they could well have a contagious effect on the employees!

Vintage Indian Graphics

Blocks of color radiate on the page. Hindu gods dance, slay, stand serene. Other graphics veer away from the sacred world, depicting beautiful women, peacocks, roosters, rockets, or planets in outer space. The world of vintage Indian graphics is a collectors dream.

Slide, Film Scanning Tip: Which Side Do You Scan To Make Sure Your Digital Images Aren’t Backwards

In less than a second, I know which side of the slide or negative to scan– so the digital images don’t turn out inside out, and backwards. How? I’ll show you a quick way to determine what is the correct way to place your slide or negative film in your scanner.

How to Learn to Paint With Watercolor While Removing Your Creativity Blocks

Since 1975 I have had a strong desire to paint, first with oils then with pastels and watercolor. For many of these years I,ve been an art teacher, because my heartfelt desires to share with others, like yourself, the joy and gratitude I have when I paint.

Art Supplies on a Budget

I am a full-time Textile Mixed Media Artist, living on a tight budget but Living ABUNDANTLY is a practice I embrace everyday. Most of the time, I make do with what I already have. When I do need something, I shop at thrift stores (I am lucky to have 3 FABULOUS ones within 40 minutes of us) quarterly and look for deals online for anything I can not get at those thrift stores.

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