The DIY dream machine, Cricut Explore™ 3

The DIY dream machine, Cricut Explore™ 3

Modern Art Gallery – A Virtual Exhibition in Cyberspace

Almost all of us would have visited a traditional art gallery at one time or another. But have you ever visited a modern art gallery?

The Secret to Better Artwork

In order to create heirloom artwork it is imperative that you think about tonal contrasts and color comparisons. These principles will draw the viewer into your painting or portrait and captivate them. These principles work well for photographers as well.

Artist Materials For Creative Expression

Artist materials are many and varied and can be used in a variety of ways to create different effects. An artist has free reign when it comes to their imagination and thanks to the wide variety of material available, can create a wonderful palette of colors, textures and designs.

Learn How to Draw

If you were not considered a natural artist and lucky to get a C in art class at high school (myself included), you need to know that you can learn how to draw. You may have forgotten how to hold a pencil and may have no clue what paper to use, but it is great you are now more determined than ever to become the next Da Vinci, or at least being able to draw something that someone else can recognize for what it really is.

Making Your Pet’s Memory Last

For generations, portraits of favorite dogs have held a special place in English drawing rooms. Today, as real dogs especially pedigreed ones stroll happily through the Central Park, their painted counterparts are hung against beautiful works in almost every single home in New York City.

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