The Best And EASIEST Way To Clean Your Cricut Mats (So They Are Sticky Again)

The Best And EASIEST Way To Clean Your Cricut Mats (So They Are Sticky Again)

Manga – Learning to Draw Manga and Anime

Want to know how to draw your favorite anime characters? It’s easier than you think! With this short guide you will be on your way to drawing better in no time!

How You Can Set Up a Render Farm With Indigo

Rendering is a serious job as your machine will be unusable for hours thereby leaving you nothing else to do but to play with your fingers or watch the television. But you can harness the power of those redundant computers in your house and reduce the time spent on this task. For the purpose of this discourse, we will be making use of Blender v2.48a, Indigo v1.1.18 and Blendigo v1.1.14 and Windows XP.

How You Can Build Your Own Render Farm

A lot of processing hours is required to create visual effects and animations for hottest films and TV shows. For instance, the rendering time for Monsters vs. Aliens is 40 million hours while Revenge of the Sith uses up a time of 6.6 million hours. For television visual effects, expectation is always between 30 minutes to one hour per frame even as multiple hours per frame are widespread for feature films. In spite of all this, how do studios get on with this development?

The Methods for Rendering 3D Images

In order to get the best moving pictures these days, it is imperative to know how 3D images are rendered. Understanding rendering is not as difficult as you think but requires going through this piece with a high level of concentration because major issues on this topic are adequately discussed.

Maya Render Farm – Mental Ray Connection

Rendering from within Maya or batch render with Maya requires the necessary skills in order to achieve the desired result. However, the essence of mental ray in a Maya render farm cannot be overemphasized and if you want to render from within Maya, it is important to install mental ray standalone on all slave machines. However, if you want to render from the command line making use of the standalone renderer, endeavor to install mental ray standalone on all master or slave machines.

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