Thankful For You Mystery Box Unboxing November 2021 HTV Vinyl and blanks explained

Thankful For You Mystery Box Unboxing November 2021 HTV Vinyl and blanks explained

How to Avoid Overworking a Pencil Drawing

How do you know when a pencil drawing is finished? Here are some tips to avoid overworking that piece!

How to Select the Best Paper For Pencil Drawing

The question most emerging artists generally ask when starting to draw is what kind of pencil to use. Ironically, even though there are a myriad of options when it comes to pencils, probably the single most important aspect of a quality drawing is not the pencils, but rather the paper. Top quality, acid-free paper is essential if you want the best drawing results.

Pottery Objects Attract Attention of Several Artists

Pottery is formed of clay by hand. It can be further finished with a glazing, and fired to become ceramic. A potter is a person who works in this medium.

Translucency in 3D Modeling

Perhaps one of the best features of the Ray trace material is its capability to simulate the transmission of light through translucent surfaces. If you are not familiar with the concept of translucency, it is actually pretty easy. Think of a lampshade. When you turn on the lamp, the shade itself is illuminated from the light inside.

Environment 3D Maps

A new Map type that appears in the Basic Parameters section (and not in Maps) is the Environment map. This allows you to use some maps, other than the scene’s environment, to reflect and refract. Why would you use this? Well, both the Ray trace material and the Ray trace map require that you have some sort of environment to reflect. If you do not have one, as in a case where you are using a Screen Mapped background, you need to fake it. Often, you can just use the same map as your environment.

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