Tesla FSD Beta 10.2  Roundabouts in The Villages FL First Drive  Model X

Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 Roundabouts in The Villages FL First Drive Model X

Mural Painting – Adorning Wall With Leaping Imagination

The Artists and the Artworks The oldest evidence of this art is the San Bartolo murals of the Maya Civilization in Guatemala. India, Mexico, Cuba, and the US (New York) are a few places still housing some of the world famous works. Kerala (India) has a collection of ornate murals (9th century) decorating the walls and the arches of old temples. Diego Rivera (1886-1957), José Orozco (1883-1949), and David Siqueiros (1896-1974) were few of the key Mexican mural artists. In 1976, when the Berlin wall was erected the artists painted on the western side of the wall until the wall fell. The recent works in murals include wallscape, illusionary wall paintings, ceramic tile paintings, and graffiti to name some.

Artemisia Gentileschi – A Female Italian Hero of Baroque Style

A prominent woman artist of early Italian Baroque period, Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1656) was best known for her cathartic and symbolic depiction of human psyche. She was the foremost female artist to gain recognition in Post-Renaissance Art, primarily due to her intense style and historical & religious themes, unlike her contemporaries.

Plein Air – When Art Goes ‘Al-Fresco’

The History Plein air was a revolutionary concept in 1800’s with Barbizon School and Impressionism extending wings to grab natural light. The Impressionists went out to the nature to investigate and capture the different effects of sunlight and shade on its different units. With the introduction of portable painting kits around 1870s, Plein Air caught the upward swing.

La Pieta – The Magical Artwork of Michelangelo

A fine blend of Classic Renaissance and Naturalism, the statue depicts a full grown up man cradled in a woman’s lap. The man is dead Jesus after Crucifixion and the woman is his distressed mother Virgin Mary.

Graphical Perspective – An Illusionary Art

In linear perspective drawing, the light is represented as passing through an illusory rectangle across the scene to the eyes of the viewer. Its a phenomenon similar to looking through a glass window. To put things straight, in a perspective drawing, the viewer is assumed to be at a distance from the actual drawing. Therefore, the objects are not scaled accurately. A circle may appear an oval, or a square may appear a trapezium.

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