Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 in The Villages FL Model X

Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 in The Villages FL Model X

Tips on Modern Canvas Art – How to Make the Best Choice

In you like to have modern canvas art for your homes or offices, you have to make sure you are guided with some tips. This will make you realise whether you are making the right decision or not. Not because you see a name pop up on your mind whilst you think of venues to do the modern canvas art for you means you should run to these places right away.

Design on the Web Differs From Creative Advertising

Web design can be labeled part of the “graphic design” overarching category along with motion design, creative advertising or an art director role — as well as by graphic designers that work primarily in the print medium. Design is just one of the binding foundations and principles that encompass each of these art forms, however there are some significant differences that require clarification. These differences often make the transition or the extension of the palette by a print-graphic-designer take several months and years to be able to effectively apply the principles, strategies and technical skills that are necessary.

Finding Art on T-Shirts and Skateboards

This is not where you expect to find great graphic art. But it’s there! Philip McCobb has found a new medium to display his exciting and vibrant graphic art, T-shirts and Skateboards. This article introduces Philip and his art to the world.

Imprimatura – The First Step to Painting

Imprimatura – The Concept The word ‘imprimatura’ is an Italian word, meaning ‘first paint layer.’ Before dabbing the canvas with the first drop of paint, a thin, transparent layer of paint known as imprimatura, is applied on the entire canvas. It usually has a neutral olive or earthen shades, derived mostly from raw sienna. Imprimatura helps reduce the radiant bright light on the canvas and allows the final coats to exude their true colors.

Using Your 3D Application As a 2D Paint Tool

It happens to everyone eventually. While working with 3D Studio your 3D application, you need a 2D image for a material bitmap, but you do not have access to paint or imaging software.

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