Teacher Shutter Card With Cricut Maker 3

Teacher Shutter Card With Cricut Maker 3

About Bio Art

In 1997, Eduardo Kac first coined the phrase Bio Art in his work Time Capsule. Though, around the end of 20th Century AD, this genre marked its foot steps, it thrived during the following century in works of Kac and Gessert.

Western Indian Paintings

Religion has a great influence on art. Over centuries religion has been inspiring various artistic creations.

VJ Art

VJ art is a realtime visual performance art. VJing includes creation and/ or artistic manipulation of imagery in real-time using technologies. Music synchronization is an essential attribute of this performance.

Superflat and Superstroke

Superflat is the Japanese postmodern art movement. It was founded by Takashi Murakami.

Signs Art Explained

The art of making a sign is the ultimate in communication. The artist reaches out via imagery to someone who is passing through the area, perhaps traveling a long way, perhaps journeying on a wearisome commute in this one day out of hundreds.

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