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Portrait Drawing Tips

One of the classic and most popular themes in drawing is realistic portraits. A realistic portrait drawing is one of the most difficult exercises in art. Because our eyes are trained on the recognition of faces, we make errors and inconsistencies when portrait drawing. But even if we recognise that something on the drawing is incorrect, it can be very difficult to say where the fault lies.

Drawing Tips and Mindsets

Drawing animals is very popular among people. Despite the popularity, only a select group of people can actually draw. You might call them artists, I see them as anybody.

What Is Vector Artwork?

Are you trying to design a product for your company such as a name badge or business card? Is the vendor you’re ordering from asking you for your artwork in a “vector format”? If you’re not a graphic designer, you might not know exactly what the means. Here is a little information that may help you out.

The Art of Selling Art

Purchasing artwork is a very personal process. Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that selling artwork is a personal process as well.

Basic Sketching Habits

Sketching is not only fun, there are many benefits of sketching, one of the most important is that through practice you’ll stay loose, it also can be a great images resource for future projects. I have studied Art for over a decade, and very often I find myself developing old and new sketches.

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