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Motion Graphics Template – Making the Novice Feel Like a Professional

Many individuals are very familiar with the rise in popularity of online video streaming sites such as YouTube and the dramatic increase in popularity over a short period of time that these sites have experienced. Some would go so far as to state that they are now a firm feature of modern popular culture. YouTube and numerous alternative online video hosting sites, provide users with a platform to which they are able to showcase their professional visual multimedia productions.

Art Deco Pottery – A User’s Guide to Types and Style, Part I

Over the course of history, artisans have utilized three main types of pottery. In this two-part article, I hope to arm collectors and potential pottery vase aficionados with simple information to use when shopping for these unique pieces, beginning first with general facts and continuing with aesthetics and artistic elements in part two.

Create Your Own Pop Art

Learn how to make your own Pop Art. Create stunning pop art in a short amount of time, this can then be sold to make money! Cheap, easy and successful way – make the perfect gift, give the gift of Pop Art.

The New Design Economy

It’s a strange new world out there for design studios, one that pits creativity against pressing budgets with increasing ferocity. The studios that are surviving the transition, though, are the ones that are finding ways to use these new resources to stay competitive. Keeping your clients coming back is now a matter of delivering all of the service you have previously provided, including expert consulting and project management, and then turning in the final product for less than you could have done it in years past.

Majolica 4 – Preparing the Glaze-Base and Plates, Jars, Lids

Start by sound-testing the pieces you are going to decorate to be certain they are not broken. If the resulting sound is high pitched, it is not broken; if the sound is flat, it is broken.

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