Summer Waves Cricut Mystery Box

Summer Waves Cricut Mystery Box

Find the Right Art Group for You

A good art group is like a good therapy group! Inspiring, supportive and fun to be around. So how do you find one?

How Title Can Affect The Sale Of Art Works

A title, according to Encarta Dictionary (2009) can be defined as a name that identifies a book, movie, play, painting, musical composition, or other literary or artistic work. From the above definition, one can understand that a work of art can not successfully serve its purpose in the society without a title. This is most likely to be the reason why nothing in life, whether natural or artificial, exists without a name or title.

Sculpture For Sale – Five Things To Look For When Buying

Sculptures can add a certain atmosphere to a room or garden, be it an African, ancient Greek or carved style. They are an excellent form of art to collect but if you are new to the hobby or just want something to put in your hallway, you might want to know what questions to ask yourself when buying a sculpture for sale. Here’s a quick guide on purchasing to ensure to get the best quality at the right price.

Buying Bronze Statues

If you are interested in collecting bronze sculptures, you will need to know a bit of history about them before you do, what to look out for in terms of quality and what price you can expect to pay. This article will explain what you will need to keep an eye out for when looking at bronze sculptures for sale and to ensure you will get the best deal.

Making a Digital Photo Collage

Photo collage is a work of art making from pieces of collections and blended together. If you’re thinking of making a photo collage, digital collage is a great way to display those wonderful moments or the things you love.

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