Summer Breeze Cricut Mystery Box

Summer Breeze Cricut Mystery Box

Enhance Your Artistic Skills With an Air Brush Compressor

When people get bored with their lives, they look for things they want to do to enjoy. They seek for things that could take them away from their boredom and these things are usually connected to what exactly they are inclined into. Like for instance, those people who love music tend to have singing and dancing as their hobbies.

Jose Campeche – Puerto Rico’s Best Rococo Artist

Jose Campeche is an 18th century artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico who earned merits for his country and the Puerto Rico flag for his works in the field of visual arts. Born to a former Puerto Rican slave, Tomas Campeche, and a mother native of the Canary Islands, Maria Marquez, he was a person with mixed roots – a mulatto.

Tips on Purchasing Beautiful Paintings and Displaying Them

Tips on purchasing beautiful paintings and showing them off is right at your fingertips; of course a lot is to consider and the main question about this is who is the artist; because certain artist paint in totally different styles and many artist use a different state of the art oil painting that adheres specifically to light. A really good example is; have you ever gone into a Thomas Kinkade gallery and if you have you know exactly what the point is, he paints with light; there is a base in his oil paints that reflects light.

Peabody Essex Museum of North Shore in Massachusetts

The Peabody Essex Museum opened a new wing designed by Moshe Safdie in 2003, which increased the space available to 250,000 square feet. This facilitated the display of many artifacts from its extensive holdings. At the same time the museum opened the Yin Yu Tang House to public, which is a 19th century Chinese house and was reconstructed in Salem.

How to Market Your Art With an Art Blog

Blogs are the number one way for artist to sell art online and to create an online presence without spending money. As for artist, you can use your blog to promote your work, upcoming shows, and your successes as an artist. Many artists say that they would love to have a website but don’t have the money, well, using a blog can serve as your main website until you get a website of your liking.

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