Sublimation Tumbler in Convection Oven with Shrink Wrap

Sublimation Tumbler in Convection Oven with Shrink Wrap

What Can I Do to Draw Cars?

If you want to learn to draw cars and you have limited art skills you don’t have to worry, you can actually draw some decent cars once you learn the basics and do a little practice. If you want to fast track your car drawing skills you should purchase one of the car drawing books available to learn what the pros do and discover the shortcuts and secrets.

How to Depict All Pieces of Any Portrait Symmetrical and Consistently

Perhaps you’ve discovered this on your own: it really is already complicated to depict the various portions of a person’s visage. It calls for a lot of training to produce fine and vibrant noses, eyes, mouth and locks. Even if you mastered these capabilities it really is not just about all you need for drawing portraits!

Dokra Craft – Dhokra Art of Bengal Unveiled For You

Dokra craft is tribal in origin – this is perhaps something that we are already extremely familiar with. Dokra craft is supposed to be cast in metal using the lost wax technique or cire perdue as it is popularly known in France.

Dokra Craft – The Number 1 Choice Among Indian Handicrafts and Brassware

Do you know why, among all the other Indian handicrafts and brassware handicrafts, Dhokra art or Dokra craft is so much in demand? The main USP of this Dhokra metal craft is that no two pieces of Dokra art are alike.

Lavinia Fontana – An Artist From the Mannerist School of Art

Italian Mannerist painter Lavinia Fontana was born in 1552 in Bologna. Her father Prospero Fontana (1512-97) was a fresco artist of the School of Bologna, who even trained her initially on the youthful Mannerism. Later, Lavinia progressed towards Carracciesque style, which dealt with quasi-Venetian coloring. Italian Renaissance artist Sofonisba Anguissola (1532-1625) highly influenced her work.

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