Sublimation tie dye with images - Bleaching sublimated shirts - How to sub on shirts

Sublimation tie dye with images – Bleaching sublimated shirts – How to sub on shirts

Western Painting – Retablo – A Divine Genre of Art

Retablo – The Concept Retablo or Lamina, literally meaning ‘behind the altar,’ is a type of Latin American devotional painting or Folk Art, with its images derived from those of conventional Catholic Church Art. It is parallel form of English Reredos (decoration behind the church altar) and French Retable (altar-edge or shelf). In Spanish, Retablo means a painting or sculpture rising from behind the altar of a church.

The Appreciation of Glaze

This article tells how to appreciate the fine glaze. Glaze is the art that we need to use “heart” to taste and feel.

Learn and Master Painting – What to Look For in a Video Painting Course

To Learn and Master Painting has never been as easy or as inexpensive. With video technology it is now possible to learn from some of the best instructors the world over. Many of these top notch artists would normally be too busy, too far away or even too expensive for the average student. The availability of video painting lessons has certainly change everything. However, since not every course is necessarily a good one, here are 9 tips for choosing the best ones.

Affordable Poster Printing For Political Campaigns

Come election season, voters will become embroiled in all the issues that can make or break a politician’s term in office. How can politicians reach out to their constituents? Shaking hands and kissing babies may still work for some folk, but information dissemination is crucial to being elected into office.

Producing Art in Tough Times

Be creative even when the economy is waning. Inspire others who may be feeling the brunt of the financial crisis. Do not use the economy as an excuse to quit producing art. The world financial crisis could provide you with inspiration.

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