Sublimation On Wood Metal Whiteboard MDF Polyacrylic Wood

Sublimation On Wood Metal Whiteboard MDF Polyacrylic Wood

How to Determine the Value of Antique Oil Paintings?

Antique Oil Paintings describe the story of a time gone by! They attract us because of its beauty and its value. Old things always cost more. Therefore, Antique Oil Paintings by renowned artists are indeed very expensive.

Zen Art – Come Be Enlightened

Zen art emphasizes the essence of the subject, in that a statue of a sculpted marble ball may be the earth, a marble, a beach ball, or a falling tear. Once the artist decides that the subject is a tear, he may act in a flurry of motion, dizzying in its intensity as he hacks and hews at the marble, grinding it to a smooth polish as he journeys on his way to completion. To the Zen artist, deciding on a subject is well over half the battle of finishing a piece of art.

Embroidery Digitizing is an Art

Embroidery digitizing is fast becoming an American pastime due to the advent of computer technology and its application in our modern sewing machines. Digitizing is the art of taking a drawing, design, graphic or picture and turning it into an exact, or very close copy for embroidery that is usually done on cloth – but can also be put on other materials depending on the material and embroidery machine being used.

Ten Years of Botanical Illustration – A Weekly Practice and Finding the Right Illustration Style

As I complete ten years of botanical illustration for the “Digging In” gardening column of the Washington Post I am more prone to remembering. Looking back on that collection of 500 plus illustrations, mostly botanical but sometimes entomological and more (after all you never quite know what you might find in your garden!)

Has the Movie Poster Had Its Day?

As far back as the early 1900s, film posters were seen as the main way big studios would promote a new film to its audience. Studios would be responsible for producing posters and distributing them to all the studios located in the major cities and towns.

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