Audubon – Wildlife Art

Audobon is one of the world’s most famous wildlife artists, and is especially well known for his bird prints. The method Audubon used was to shoot a bird, mount it on wire then paint it.

Aesthetics Vs Emotions – Fine Art Vs Popular Art

“Fine Art” is mostly about aesthetics but what is popular will always be more about emotions. This distinction is not total, of course… for example the romantic fine art period was a lot to do with emotions (artists such as Stubbs, Landseer etc.), and fine art can be popular too (although this is often because the lower classes try to pretend to be like the upper classes, so they like what the art represents in terms of class rather than actually liking the art in its own right).

Western Painting – Romantic Realism – The Creative Fusion

Romantic Realism is a relatively new style of painting, which beautifully blends the underlying philosophies of the Romanticism and the Realism. Realism was a French art movement of 1850s, where the artists believed in the near to actual representation of scenes and subjects. In effect, Realism disregarded its predecessor styles of ‘idealism’ and ornate portrayals, like Renaissance and Baroque. Romanticism, on the other hand, detested the idea of ‘mechanical’ art that concentrated on the functions of time and space, limiting the scope of creativity altogether. This genre was prevalent in the 18th century, and was the predecessor of Realism.

Western Art – Rococo – A Golden Era in the History of Art

Rococo (or Roccoco) Western Art style refers to a French Fine Art Movement, observed at peak during the eighteenth century, 1730s to be precise, during the reign of King Louis XV. The term ‘Rococo’ was derived from the French word ‘rocaille’ (pebble) and Italian term ‘Barocco (Baroque).’ Right from the ornamental objects of interior decoration such as furniture, to architecture, paintings, and sculpture, this novel French style touched all. Considered as a high fashion style, Rococo had some popular forms. In fact, Rococo can be labeled as the climax and the fall of Baroque Art.

Western Painting – Primitivism – The Raw Scale

‘Primitivism’ is a term used to define the works of untrained artist. In the early twentieth century, Primitivism as an art style, developed in reaction to the Enlightenment Era. In the quest to achieve a sophisticated civilization, the importance and the pleasures of primitive living were forgotten.

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