Sublimation on Bleached Shirts

Sublimation on Bleached Shirts

The Fascinating Genre of Art

Metal art is now going far in the modern era. Many artists and sculptors are in to this genre of art-making. Aside from it is new and unique, it is more durable, long-lasting and brilliant to make. It encourages and allows interested people take it as a challenge on how they can put art on a metal piece.

Graphic Design

The web has become a part and parcel of their day to day activities, and websites offering similar services have increased manifold. This has forced web authors to apply competitive strategies in order to attract clients to their sites. Web technology has also progressed over the years, arming web designers with an arsenal of choices.

Van Gogh Cypresses

A Wheatfield with Cypresses is a famous Vincent Van Gogh oil painting, which this article covers in full. Other related works by Van Gogh included simply Cypresses and various other Wheatfield landscape paintings from his short but prolific career.

Adobe Bridge CS5 – How to Do More With Less

Adobe Bridge CS5, how to do more with less. Adobe Bridge CS5 lets you spend more time on your creation and less time on your resource management.

Artist Essentials 101 – Balance

We live in an age when your cameras pretty much do it all for you or so we think. If you are looking to be an excellent photographer or artist, there are still some essentials that you should know to achieve artistic quality in your photos or paintings. In fact, good photography or painting involves the study and mastery of visual forces like balance, shape, form, space, light and color. Here are 6 tips for creating balance in your art.

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