Sublimation LIVE!

Sublimation LIVE!

Painting of the Sistine Ceiling

This article is all about the painting of the Sistine Chapel. It also gives additional background about Michelangelo.

A General Outline On Painting

Painting is an art of using pigments, paints and colors on the surface. The surfaces which are used for painting are paper, wood, lacquer, clay and canvas. Anything could be depicted or expressed through painting. The painting can be either natural or can be a representation.

The Basics of Architectural 3D Modeling

The best way to understand the basics of architectural modeling, is to see them in action. While the key concepts are simple, the same concepts are applicable to the largest projects.

Creating 3D Presentations

In a typical architectural office, the method of modeling you choose often depends on the comfort level of those performing the work. You should, however, familiarize yourself with all three methods to have a variety of tools options. There is no right or wrong way of creating 3D presentations and the last thing you want to do is to rely on only one method of modeling scenes.

Compact 3D Models

A key factor to always keep in mind during the modeling process is that the number of polygon faces and vertices that an object contains has a profound effect on your computer resources. The more complex an object is the slower your system will react during the creation and rendering process. It is imperative to keep the face/vertex count to a minimum in each scene.

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