Sublimate on vinyl - Clear and white adhesive permanent vinyl

Sublimate on vinyl – Clear and white adhesive permanent vinyl

Class Reunion – Art Imitates Life

Windows 7 recognizes hi def video such as.mts file types and AVCHD video format. This is new and simply seeing a thumbnail image of your video at the file level saves enormous amount of time.

3 Common Mistakes in Brochure Design

Brochures are the greatest tool you have in your campaigns to extend your brand everywhere. They’re fun, flashy, and fabulous! But so many times brochures suffer from common design mistakes that are as easy to avoid as they are damaging to your brand – which is to say, very damaging! Here’s a simple, easy guide to help you avoid common, costly design mistakes in your brochure design…

The Art and Inspiration of Gustav Klimt

The splendor of Byzantine churches with their glinting gold mosaic domes and beautiful art work spread throughout the Mediterranean area, especially in Sicily, with Cathedrals like Monreale and Italy, with St Marks in Venice. The jewel colors of silk (whose production was a state secret in the Empire) combined with gold and enamels made Byzantine walls explosions of color.

How to Create a Cardboard Textured Business Card in Adobe Photoshop

To save even more money, business owners can make their own faux texture business cards using this tutorial. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a business card in Photoshop that looks like an expensive textured paper business card. This way, regular white card stock is all that is needed. This tutorial will also show you how to produce a business card that looks like it was pressed on textured cardboard.

Olive Trees, Van Gogh

Olive Trees is a well known Vincent Van Gogh oil painting that is covered in detail here, discussing why it is one of his most respected and studied paintings. The oil painting is just one of many great artistic achievements by the famous Dutch artist who is loved around the world even today.

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