Sublimate on dark shirts - Bleach technique for shirts with sublimation

Sublimate on dark shirts – Bleach technique for shirts with sublimation

Make Your Art Commercial – Top 5 Products to Screen Print On To

Do you want to make a bit of extra money from your artwork? Screen-printing is a great way to reproduce your artwork onto many different surfaces.

A Conservationist and Artist

Born in the 1930’s David Shepherd is known the world over for his paintings of African and Indian wildlife. Born in the London suburb of Hendon, he became interested in painting as early as the age of 8. He won a painting competition for the magazine Nursery World.

Hand Painted Reproductions – Art You Can Own at Fancy Prices

Art is no longer confined to the hands of the connoisseurs. With the onset of hand painted reproductions, work pieces of famous artists are no longer limited to galleries and museums. This kind of advanced technique makes the affordable art accessible to all.

Flower Symbolism – The Meaning Behind Paintings of Flowers

Over the centuries many artists have been compelled to paint flowers due to their alluring beauty. But this is not the exclusive reason for artists to choose to paint flowers. Flower symbolism has been used in paintings over many years to convey specific meanings or moods.

Cinema4D – User Community

Who hasn’t received help from a forum or a… ‘gasp’… Google lookup? To accompany this captivating product, Cinema4D has a very rich and eclectic user community.

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