Stories of our members, Oxford Pennant

Stories of our members, Oxford Pennant

The Art of Bronze Patriotic Plaques

Bronze patriotic plaques serve as an inspiring reminder of one’s dedication to country in a home or workplace. At times as well, they also remind us of significant moments in the country’s history and the dedication people have given to it.

How to Draw a Car on Paper

Creating illustrations of cars can be done on the computer or on paper. While more people prefer to use the computer, there are still others who prefer to use simple pencil and paper.

How to Draw a Car Step by Step

Cars are great subjects for drawing. You can find different models with different colors. You may draw cars based on actual cars, or you can create car caricatures. It will depend on your preference.

Abstract and Modern Art

Art is a very broad concept and is used as a means to express thought of one and put it on the canvas. It also relates to arrangement of different pictures and symbols that relate to each other and together form a piece of art. Art has come a very long way from the ancient times. Earlier our ancestors used to draw with pieces of stones on mountains, trees and any kind of surfaces.

Top Tips on How to Draw a Car

Drawing a car is actually a fairly easy gig. The reason why so many people fail in drawing a realistic car is they do not draw the right way. They do not realize that drawing is not just about creating figures, but also about creating perspectives.

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