Stories of our members, Mimi Markopoulos

Stories of our members, Mimi Markopoulos

Tips About Selling Your Canvas Paintings

Canvas paintings are one of history greatest art forms. It is a great hobby and it can also make you a bit or a lot of money if you have the talent and determination. Although most canvas painters do not have the know-how on selling their paintings so here is a simple article guide to anyone who is wanting to understand and make it in the canvas market.

Ancient Egyptian Statues Live to Tell the Tale

Ancient Egyptian statues for sale come from a age when these lovely artistic endeavors were once the important property of rich Egyptians and Egyptian royalty. Now we have a tendency to see them as invaluable. How several have gone missing in the sands of time we don’t know.

A Timeless Tradition Canvas Art Prints

As an art collector you probably realize that if you purchase a print that it might be only on paper. However, you are going to need to consider the benefits of having a canvas art prints to add to your collection. You might not think of these as a timeless tradition, but you will want to know that they are just that.

All About Indian Art Prints

Art from the country of India is very pretty. You can get some Indian art prints for your home as well. So what should you know about these sort of prints? We can give you the inside dish of things that every art collector should know about collecting these sort of prints.

Wonderful Collection Pieces – Indian Art Paintings

If you are looking for a fine way to start your own art collection you will want to consider some of the beautiful Indian art paintings from the country of India. Now you might not think much about this, but you will want to realize why these will make such a fine addition to your collection. Here are some of the reasons why you are going to want to start a collection with these pieces.

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