Stories of our members, même.

Stories of our members, même.

Portrait Painting – Your Special Photo Gift

You may be looking for a unique and personalized gift to someone special. In the midst of your confusion, do you ever think about the oil portrait painting? You might be answering yes and no. But before anything else, you have to be familiar what really is the oil portrait painting.

How Urban Art Captured The Heart Of Zion

Here in Israel, urban art excites us! Traditionally it has sometimes been unfairly viewed as vandalism and destruction of property – when in fact it should have been seen as beautiful. But taste is personal. Graffiti is a style of art which relates to cities and city life. It is usually created by artists who live in or have a passion for the city life. The term urban means “from the city”-and sometimes urban art is called “street art”.

How to Draw When Your Fingers Are Trembling

It is apparently a quite common problem – both among veteran and young artists: shaking hands. My personal impression: possibly half of all of us suffered problems with their arm shaking too excessively for drawing at least once.

Learning to Draw – Do You Have to Have Natural Ability

Many of us think that we have no ability to draw and we never try. However, drawing is a skill, like many others, that can be learned. In this article, we will explore why drawing is difficult for some of us and how we can get started learning to draw.

Decorating With Outdoor Eyecatchers – Wind Spinners – A Different Idea For Outdoor Garden Art

While driving to a friend’s home recently, I was enjoying the beautiful sunny skies which we had not seen in Kentucky for quite a while. Glad that the gray winter days were finally leaving us, I was enjoying everyone’s freshly manicured homes, the greening grass, and leaves sprouting on the trees.

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