Stories of our members, Guacamole Airplane

Stories of our members, Guacamole Airplane

Artistic Inspiration

I enjoy teaching art, so long as I don’t have to do it often. One of the questions I am asked when teaching is “Where do you get your inspiration from?

Observational Drawing

In my opinion drawing from observation is the best way to teach drawing.  It is obviously not the only way, but I think that it is the best way for to develop drawing skills.

An Introduction to Some Famous Oil Paintings

One of the most popular art forms is oil painting. If asked if you know of any such paintings or artists who used this technique, you may say “no.” But, I bet there are several pieces of artwork that you didn’t realize were famous oil paintings.

Bazille Paintings

Frederic Bazille was a famous French impressionist painter from the 19th century. Bazille paintings are best known for including figures in front of a landscape background. Bazille also regularly produced his paintings ‘en plein air’ which means he painted them outside.

How Framed Oil Paintings Create an Impact

Most people assume that the framed oil paintings they are looking at have always looked like that. Very few people actually think about what the paintings would have looked like before they were framed. And yet, framing is such a key part in the process of putting a painting on display.

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