Starting my own… vintage thrift shop

Starting my own… vintage thrift shop

Frank Auerbach – A Contemporary Master of Expressionism

Famous German born British Expressionist Figurative painter Frank Auerbach is exceptionally known for bringing about an innovative and distinct style. His subjects included female models, mainly Julia his wife, Juliet a professional model, & Estella his girlfriend, or landscapes around his London home at Camden.

Francesco Pesellino – Italian Competence of Florentine Flavor

Born around 1422 in Italy, Pesellino’s real name was Francesco di Stefano. He was the grandson of the leading Early Renaissance painter Giuliano Pesello (1367-1446). His father Stefano di Francesco was also an artist, but he could not nurture his son for long.

Nam June Paik – An Extraordinary Visual Artist

Nam June Paik was a Korean-American Contemporary Video Artist of the early twentieth century. Born on July 20, 1932, in Seoul, to a textile entrepreneur father, Nam June started his musical training as a classical pianist right from an early age. He however had to cut it short due to the family’s migration to Japan via Hong Kong in 1950 during the Korean War (1950-53).

Guercino – A Bologna’s Genius With a Swift Stroke

Italian Baroque painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri more popularly known as Guercino (due to his squint eyes), Guercino II, was born on February 8, 1591, in an average family, in Cento, a village situated near Bologna. Guercino did not have any formal art training. He was self-taught and learnt mainly by replicating local art works and engravings. Guercino’s early interest in art was discovered at the age of 10 when he created a painting of Virgin Mary on the front wall of his home. He was known for his light & dark strokes, the detailing, and speed & accuracy in his works.

Sims 3 Comics – Untapped Potential

The Sims has been one of those best selling games that cater to all game players young and old, men and women, hardcore or casual gamers. It is a game that may resemble a doll house at first, but once you start playing it, you realize it is actually an instrument to bring all your social fantasies to life.

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