Starting my Own...Paper Flower Shop

Starting my Own…Paper Flower Shop

Afro Cuban Art and Grupo Antillano

Afro Cuban heritage is an important part of Cuban society and culture, although it was unjustly marginalized for a long time. This is the fourth in a series of articles about Cuban art.

Why Content Research Is Important for Effective Infographics?

There are three main requirements to create an effective infographic: great content, functional design and smart distribution channels. Easy right? Without a solid foundation – the content – there is no value in having an infographic. Reaching the “great content” level always starts with data research and ends up with accurate & reliable content.

20 Easy Tips for How To Paint On Silk

Have you always wanted to know how to paint on silk, but thought it might be too difficult — or too expensive? These online silk painting courses show how inexpensive it can be if you know exactly what to buy to get started. These 20 tips will help you get started your silk painting adventure.

Miniatures Artist From Oaxaca, Mexico: Miguel Angel Martinez Reyes Magnifies With Magnificence

Miguel Ángel Martínez Reyes is a miniatures artist / folk artist from Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico. His mediums are wood, bone, stone, minerala and even fruit pits. He as received both national and international recognition, yet still struggles to get the due he deserves.

Screen Printing Lingo You Need To Know

Who wants to look uninformed when enquiring about screen printing for their business? No one. So here is the basic lingo that will allow you to inquire about the entire process without looking foolish and understand what’s being offered.

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