Starting my own... kidswear brand

Starting my own… kidswear brand

Determining the Source of a Flare in the 3D World

Determining the flare’s source is easy-it is a light. Unlike the Glow module that glows objects, materials, and a host of other items, Flare is designed to glow and flare just lights. In a way, this makes it easier for you to determine what your flare is going to look like.

Shot Angles and Real World Scene Lighting in the 3D World

Shot angles, much like focal effects, can dramatically change the way the audience perceives your scene. Shot angles are usually set up so that the intended subject or point of interest is obvious.

Graphic Design Internships – What to Expect

Every year, graduates from all types of schools prepare to graduate and move onto the real, working world. However, many only know what is to be expected from college and have no idea what a job in their chosen field really consists of. Neither do they realize what exactly they will have to do in a work type setting. Those in the graphic design field are no different. Read on to learn more about the graphic design field and what you can do to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Collecting Wallace Nutting Ads and Advertising Literature Memorabilia

Over the past 25+ years Wallace Nutting Collectors have been seeking out almost anything related to Wallace Nutting. This article is designed to introduce you to “Wallace Nutting Ads and Advertising Literature”.

Royal Carlock Washington DC Hand Colored Photography

Although Wallace Nutting was the leading seller of hand-colored photographs during America’s 1900-1940 Gold Age of Hand-Colored Photography, many others were also selling their hand-tinted and hand-painted photographs in their home regions. Royal Carlock specialized in selling hand-colored photos of the leading monuments and tourist sites in early 20th century Washington DC.

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