Starting my Own...Design Business

Starting my Own…Design Business

The Art of Drawing Dogs on Wood

Draw the Images of animals, especially Dogs. Learn this dog trick. It is fun and very rewarding. I like to use a method called pyrography, Pyrography is the art of putting images on wood by burning them on.

Modern Art Watercolour Paintings – Painting the Expressionist Landscape

I’d like to describe for you my own process of making an expressionist watercolour painting, starting with a drawing sketched from life. Drawings, sketches or mark-making often seems to show the artist’s personality more than their paintings. The way the pencil or pen is used to describe the landscape are very revealing and show the kind of processes that are at work within the artist.

The Dimensions of Art Today

There is certainly a market for landscape oil paintings. People are interested in nature and its representations in popular art. This is the foundation that will change the dynamics of the industry in general.

Artists Take Advantage of Distance Learning

In the modern arts world and especially digital arts, there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it. In this article, I dig into the advantages of distance learning and how it can benefit today’s artists.

Common Tips On Making Your Own Collage Art

Collage art can be produced by a youngster or an adult, it is created by putting together numerous images and clippings to make a work of art. The word “collage” comes from the French verb for “to glue” and the word “collage” means a form of art in which various bits of visual information are stuck onto a surface.

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