Starcraft Solo - Print then cut - Beginner tutorial - Chapter 7 101

Starcraft Solo – Print then cut – Beginner tutorial – Chapter 7 101

What is So Great About Coloring Fairies?

Do you love fairy art? How can coloring a fairy be fairy art? I’m so busy why would I want to color a fairy?

Cecil Aldin Was a Brilliant Dog Illustrator

Cecil Aldin is well known for his paintings of animals and rural life, but dogs seemed to be his most popular subjects. His illustrations have been published in his own collections but he also provided illustrations for authors Richard Kipling, Charles Dickens, and James Douglas, and they were used in their respective publications.

How to Draw a Portrait of Michael Jackson

Many artists have the penchant to sketch their favorite stars from different genre and musicians are often the preferred choices. The ‘King of Pop,’ Michael Jackson, was one of the stars the artists most widely covered.

What is Calligraphy?

The origin of calligraphy finds its roots over a thousand years ago way back to the 600 B.C. period. These old calligraphy styles were practiced in Italy, Rome and East Asian areas.

Simple Steps on How to Draw a Skull

The skull is one of the universal and primitive figures vis-a-vis art. Considered fascinating and beautiful, this structure symbolizes the fundamentals of entity: life and death. It usually adorns a paranormal impression, maybe because often through it, we tend to explore the uncanny questions of life after death.

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