Starcraft Solo 101 - Machine parts - Beginner tutorial - Chapter 1 series

Starcraft Solo 101 – Machine parts – Beginner tutorial – Chapter 1 series

Buying a Calligraphy Fountain Pen

The calligraphy fountain pen is the most important tool in the calligraphy kit since it is the fundamental equipment that produces your art. Without this important tool no one can practice calligraphy. This pen is not a single piece but consists of the main body known as the handle or the pen holder, the nib and the ink reservoir.

The Fine Art of Lighting – Bringing Out the Best in Artwork

Art is all about light. There are factors to consider when lighting art.

The Evolution of Light in Art – From Messenger to Message

In the past, light was interpreted by artists with oil paints and other mediums. The advent of artificial light has also turned light into the medium itself.

Greeting Cards As Great Art

Greeting cards is big business. Typically, they consist of cheap cardboard paper with a cheesy picture on the front and an even cheesier greeting inside. You know the kind of greeting card I’m talking about-the ones you got at your birthday party when you were a kid and threw out with the wrapping paper.

How to Buy and Sell Art For Profit

Finding and bargaining for valuable old things is an adventure of mystery and intrigue. It can be profitable beyond imagination. If you know what you like, you can buy and sell art at a profit.

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