Starcraft Solo 101 - Drawing with the pen - beginner tutorial - chapter 5 series

Starcraft Solo 101 – Drawing with the pen – beginner tutorial – chapter 5 series

Guide on How to Start a Video Production Company

I have prepared useful tips on how to start a video production company. Please check this out!

Patachitra Materials – Natural and Eco-Friendly!

In the previous two articles in this series we discussed about the traditions that gave rise to Patachitra as a style of indigenous art. In this article we will examine the materials that go into making a good, authentic and beautiful piece of Patachitra art.

Inness Paintings

George Inness is a famous American painter from the art movements of tonalism and Inness produced many great landscape paintings, for which he is best known. Inness chose to develop his skills and philosophies on art by travelling and living in France at various stages in his career. Inness was later to become the leading American painter in Barbizon-style techniques due to this careful study and willingness to learn new ideas about landscape art, which was still developing throughout the 19th century.

Buying a Calligraphy Set

Since calligraphy, like other skills including painting and music, requires a certain amount of training and practice it definitely requires a good calligraphy set to improve and master this art. Calligraphy is derived from the Greek words ‘kallos’ and ‘graphe’ which together mean calligraphy or ‘beauty writing’. Calligraphy is used when writing invitations for special occasions, creating exclusive designs on maps, for logo designing, for writing memorials and any other special use.

Pastels – Introduce Yourself to Pastels

The best medium for painting is pastels. If you are a painter who is used to painting with wet mediums such as oil and acrylic then pastels will be ideal for you.

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