Star Wars Holiday Digital Mystery Box

Star Wars Holiday Digital Mystery Box

Plein Air Painting Tips

Every artist has his or her subject. It could be people, portraits, group studies or working outdoors, away from the studio. If you like to paint landscapes or cityscapes, then being prepared can save a lot of time and hassle once you set up easel and are ready to paint.

Repairing Meissen China Porcelain Dishes

Porcelain made dishes are pretty expensive but they are nice to use or display too. That’s why you have to prevent them from breaking. But accidents happen, and at this point you can still fix your porcelain dish. I will tell you how to do it yourselves.

Three Local Participants in a Local Art Show That Have Very Different Talents

It is possible to be a part of a local art show and possess very different skills than the people around you. Part of the success of any art show is the diversity and talents that are brought by many different types of people and backgrounds.

Be Sure to Support Your Community Art Fair by Offering Your Expertise

Art fairs are fun, effortless ways for a local citizen to show off his or her latest creations. Boosting attendance at such events takes the support of the community but garnering supporters is a fairly easy accomplishment when certain steps are followed and the right attitude is kept in mind by the people in charge of the art fair.

The Tate Modern is Renowned For Its International Modern and Contemporary Art

The Tate Modern is the Home of International 20th and 21st-Century Modern Art. The collections in Tate Modern consist of works of international modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 onwards. Some of the displays include work by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse and many more.

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