Spring Tiered Tray Decor

Spring Tiered Tray Decor

Bouguereau Prints

Bouguereau prints are excellent pieces to add to your home but the artist’s career has lost some of it’s original fame since the rise of the impressionists. This article bring Bouguereau back into the limelight and discusses why he became such a key figure in French art at the peak of his achievements. Many of his best paintings will also be included.

Caravaggio Prints

Caravaggio prints show off some of the best Italian art ever produced thanks to this exceptional Baroque painter, who is covered in full throughout this article. The best known paintings of Caravaggio are also discussed in further detail.

Kandinsky Prints

Kandinsky prints represent the start of abstract art in Russia and across the rest of the world as the reputation of his oil paintings spread quickly up to what we have today as an artist respected for leaving such a great legacy. This article covers the prints of Wassily Kandinsky in full and discusses some of his best works in detail.

Mucha Prints

Alphonse Mucha is a famous Czech artist that this article covers in full, with discussion of his skills and career plus a concentration on his best paintings and prints from a list containing hundreds of successful works in total. Mucha prints are respected for inspiring the world famous Art Nouveau movement which has inspired thousands ever since, both to paint themselves and also to appreciate the art that came from this period.

Caricature From Photos

Just say the word “caricature” and everyone conjures up a mental picture of a street corner caricature artist churning out a 10 minute creation. Annibale Carracci is famous for inventing caricatures in the 17th century when he created art that was focused on meaning rather than beauty. This quickly gained traction in political cartoons where one picture (or caricature) could truly equate to a thousand words and convey a meaning like nothing else could.

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