The Majesty Of Bronze Sculpture

The feelings of grandeur and majesty that a bronze sculpture or bronze monument can bring to any home, area, garden, or arena simply cannot be compared with any other artistic expression. They make such an impact as to draw every eye in the vicinity, to wonder and gaze up at it in awe and introspection.

The Investment Value of Art

Whether art makes for a good sound investment strategy or not, is a question that has been asked over and over again for many years. The fluctuating market condition, economic recessions and different trends in diverse art forms constantly makes people wonder as to whether they should put their money in this market. In this article, we try to examine the investment value of art, current trends and the pros and cons of investments here.

The Last 30 Years of Graphic Design History

For this article I’m going to speak from my own personal experience. I started working at a small Midwest newspaper as a graphic artist in 1980. The newspaper was still doing some printing using lead type but was transitioning to newer technology.

The Highest Leverage Drawing Skill

In order to become skilled at drawing you have to practice. That much is obvious. But many people practice for hours every week and only see minimal results. When this happens it is usually caused by not practicing the right things. As with any skill, you need to find the highest leverage aspects of whatever skill you are trying to achieve, and focus your efforts on those things. In drawing, there are a few of those, but one stands out far above the rest. What is it? Read on.

Vehicle Wraps: Five Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Vehicle wraps are the huge graphics decorating the cars, buses and even subways you’ve seen around. Typically used for advertising, they’re everywhere, but not a lot of people know exactly what they are. Here are some things you’ve probably been wondering about vehicle wraps.

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