5 Most Expensive Banksy Art Pieces

Due to the unconventional nature of Banksy’s art, the auctioning of his art often comes coupled with the auction of the house attached to it. In one of the more notable of these situations was the $400,000 sale of a property, in southwest England. The mural on the wall of the house provided, courtesy of Banksy, was worth most of the price of the entire sale.

The Talent Of Product Sourcing: How To Get Art To Offer Through Your E-Biz

Art has a huge market over the internet. Actually, it is one of the most popular categories on eBay, and that is exactly the reason why nowadays many people are considering art classes and even painting classes.

Art Galleries Of Truth And Beauty

Art galleries house the finest achievements that a civilization has to offer. When all is said and done, human beings do have to offer themselves more than eating mating and sleeping. They can create things of beauty and these last beyond the lives of individuals, and become part of a culture. That is why people will stand for hours outside the Uffizi gallery waiting for a glimpse of the works of world famous art.

‘Cross Current’ Of Nigerian and Italian Artists: A Critique on Media Reports

Diplomacy which can also be referred as an art of international relations has recorded major ‘success’ in the recent times due to intercultural events/activities involving people of two or more countries. Some of these successes are mostly seen either in terms of the immediate gains of people involved in such cross-cultural events or the cultural education which has benefited the bilateral relationship between the nations involved. Without reservations, this kind of relationship is very healthy for peaceful co-existence of people on the globe.

How to Flatten a Rolled Up Painting?

Most of the times, when we buy a painting or a poster, it comes rolled up in a tube. To a person who hasn’t ever flattened a rolled up painting before, this can be extremely challenging. There are several simple techniques available. This article discusses some simple techniques and one professional technique to flatten rolled up paintings or posters.

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