Someone got some Shop Shoes #Shorts

Someone got some Shop Shoes #Shorts

Drawing Portraits Can Be Fun

Drawing portraits can be fun. Not many people know how to draw or don’t attempt it since they think that they can’t so they never attempt it. Like they say you’ll never learn how to swim unless you get in the water.

Oil Painting Lessons – Where to Start?

So you’ve decided to start oil painting, but you’ve realized it’s a lot more complex than you once thought. Where do you go next? You find some oil painting lessons. Oil painting lessons are a great way to learn all the tips and tricks you need to know to start painting like a master.

What is the Science Behind DNA Art?

What exactly is DNA Art and how is it made? Essentially, it is a digitally optimized image of the electrophoresis process in which DNA fragments are separated.

The Lady of Shalott – John William Waterhouse – Pre-Raphaelite Romantic Art Period

The Pre-Raphaelite artists were from the period of art known as the Romance Period. The best known artist was from that time was John William Waterhouse. His best and most well known painting being The Lady of Shalott.

Artist Strategy – Stopping the Client From Making Repeated Changes After the Sale!

It’s the artist’s best scenario: You’ve created, completed and been paid for the art commission by your client. She is delighted, appreciative and cannot wait to display the artwork in her home.

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