Smart Vinyl on Original Cricut Maker

Smart Vinyl on Original Cricut Maker

In Cinema 4D Materials Are More

In Cinema 4D materials have their own life and I am sure there are shops with material specialists whose expertise is simply materials. They can add just the right attributes, flirting with reality yet a hairsbreadth away preserving the magic.

Talent is a Myth

I have been labeled as “talented” all of my life. In fact, I was actually voted “Most Talented” when I was in high school. To this day, people still view me as “talented”. Basically, what they think…

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Catalog Designer

In our opinion, these would be our five main reasons for choosing to use a professional catalog and brochure designer over someone who does it “on the side.” Effective Layouts- A professional designer will know where to place your most valuable products in your product line for the most exposure. They will understand how a client reads a catalog and be able to layout your products according to tested strategies.

Native American Art – Paintings

The Blackfoot, Cheyenne and Dakota (Sioux) tribes lived as nomads about the Great Plains, hunting buffalo. They painted symbols and figures on buffalo skins, and utilized them to make clothing and tepees. Paintings might describe an event – a battle or a hunt. Others had been inspired by visions, and contain symbols and images that were believed to provide protection.

Native American Art and the Impact of Western Colonialism

Fine art was used, not just admired. Carved and painted figures had been utilized in rituals that called on the power of gods or initiated children into adulthood. Images and patterns had been applied to practical objects, such as pots, clothing, baskets and weapons.

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