Silhouette studio for beginners - Text - Exporting to Cricut Design Space - Fonts and kerning

Silhouette studio for beginners – Text – Exporting to Cricut Design Space – Fonts and kerning

Graphic Artist Designs – How Graphic Artists Design & Go on to Becoming Award Winning Graphic Artist

Graphic artists design lots of things such as flyers, business cards, and websites – pretty much anything that can be designed, is typically created by a graphic artist. But not all designers are necessarily good at what they do. Just because a person went to design school and calls themselves a graphic designer doesn’t necessarily make them a very good one.

Drawing – Learn What Still Life Drawing Is

The term Still Life relates to the kind of pictures that represent an arrangement of inanimate objects like a bowl, a jar, a bowl of fruits, etc. The arrangement of a still life drawing can be made according to the artists choice. He can place one object or even more than one depending on his wish. A Still life in pencil drawing may be symbolic, and its purpose is to convey the aesthetic beauty.

Indian Art and Craft Industry – An Overview

India is a land where every corner is evident with the greatness of art and craft. The traditional quintessence of Indian art and craft can be seen even in the daily used objects like earthen pots, mugs, bed-sheets or any such things.

Canvas Painting – The Finest Medium For Lucrative Painting

Canvas is the medium which is very popular among all the mediums and is the very common form of an art. It is readily available at a general art store. You can say it is the desired and ideal medium for doing oil painting. Almost all the artists love to use it to create their magical designs.

Graffiti – What is it and Why Gangs Use it For Territorial Markings – Graffiti Alphabet Tagger Sty

Graffiti and graffito are from the Italian word graffiato (“scratched”). “Graffiti” is applied in art history to works of art produced by scratching a design into a surface.

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