Shark Puppets with Cricut

Shark Puppets with Cricut

Selling Art Online Without Alienating Your Gallery – Two Practical Solutions

Any professional artist represented by one or more galleries would usually think twice before offering art for sale online. Galleries do not like when artists represent themselves and in particular – online.

How to Draw a Snake

Drawing a snake seems an easy job, which it is. The serpents have a simple body type that is quick and simple for artistic adaptation. However, the complexity may vary in certain degrees, depending upon the type of the snake you choose. All the snakes have scale on their bodies. These scales are different for different species – some are broad and simpler, while the others are intricate.

Cotton Canvas Pictures – Making Great Designs

If you love to design, then you already know how much you can do with cotton canvas. You can make anything from prints, to clothes, to bags, to tarps, all with canvas. If you’re just getting started with arts and crafts, then you probably have some questions to ask. Read on to find out more!

How Are Glass Paperweights Made?

Paperweights are a historical art form that have been part of Europe’s history since the 1800’s, so why not add to this history and make your own personalised acrylic, rock or glass paperweight, perfect for a home decoration or gift that will last a lifetime. There are many different types of paperweights and in turn methods of making them. From acrylic to glass paperweights here is a rundown of how you could make your own paperweights.

The Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression is a personal cutting machine perfect for just about any art project you can imagine. Read Cricut Expression reviews before you buy online or in stores.

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