SEWING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Q&A | Tools, Patterns, Labels, Tips & More! AD

SEWING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Q&A | Tools, Patterns, Labels, Tips & More! AD

Muralists Now Using Digital Technology for Wallpaper Murals

Muralists are finding that the world of painting murals is not as financially rewarding as it once was thanks to the innovation of digital wallpaper murals. Instead of throwing their hands up in defeat many are now embracing the technology and using it to their full advantage.

The Rock Of Hautepierre by Gustave Courbet

This magnificent painting of the Rock of Hautepierre is an outstanding example of Gustave Courbet’s command of landscape painting. Everything about this painting is firm and as solid as a rock.

Face Painting Designs: Create a Tiger

How easy is it to paint a tiger face? This article leads you through the painting of a tiger face for children at a birthday party, for example, step by step. The article reveals how the various different layers and details of the tiger face are built up using face paints.

Top 10 Face Painting Tips

Here’s a top 10 list of face painting techniques that you should follow in order to achieve true success every time with your face painting moments. Get reading!

Artist Easel

An artist easel is one that is the correct size for the artist, not too small or so overwhelming that one can hardly dare to place a canvas on the easel. There is time enough for a large easel if the talent emerges.

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